Hunger games GIF challenge

Every third GIF. 1. Me on the morning of the reaping:

I don’t know is this meaning i would be doing a war dance or something..? XD

2. Waiting for the names to be called:

I am apparently excited …

3. My reaction when my name is called:

Ok normal, me getting horny of thinking about fighting to death with other teenagers.. Yep perfectly normal :o

4. What I think of the other tribute from my district:

I wont regret killing them >:)

5. Saying goodbye to my friends and family:

We all start dancing like sexy mofos ;)

6. First thing I do on the train:

Hello everybody, im gonna kill you all btw

7. Reaction to the other tributes:

Shiit.. Starting to get nervous..

8. What I think of the Capitol:

Blow me!

9. What I think of my stylist:

*just smile and wave, smile and wave*

10. How I feel at the tribute parade:

Like a BOSS

11. Me during training:

I might not get to do all this never ever again!?!? :(

12. My reaction to my training score:

Im going to make it hopefully..

13. Me during the interview:


14. How I spend the night before the Hunger Games:

I cant sleep so im gonna just bounce like a crazy person :3

15. Waiting in the launch room:

Maybe a bit of energy juice before going to the arena? nope not a good idea..

16. Me during the bloodbath:

ummmm… Well yeah you heard me already once ;0

17. My reaction when someone asks to be allies:

Well yeah i’ve been drunk apparently at some point there and start telling about it :o
18. What I do for most of the games:

I diss everybody all the time ofc.

19. First time I kill someone;

Totally prepared to kill anyone in my way..

20. When the other tribute from my district dies:

Dancing through it all bros

21. How I feel when I win:

Im not in a party mood so calm yo tits everybody

22. How I greet my stylist and mentor:

You missed me ? ;)

23. Me when I watch the replay of it all:

Me continuing to diss

24. First thing I do when I get home:

A nice little bonfire to the end :3